Everyone Artist offers to everyone in a low-threshold way the opportunity to participate in the creation of a museum artwork. Simply filling in a digital form and uploading a personal image, such as a photo or drawing, your name will be added to the growing list makers of this designed and developed artwork for the Central Museum in Utrecht.

In 1967, the German artist Joseph Beuys put the statement: "Jeder Mensch ist ein K√ľnstler". His idea was that everybody in his or her own way is creative and that art making is not only reserved for artists. It was just about the various aspects of life in which that creativity can be expressed.

The Central Museum in Utrecht endorses this statement by setting up a space at which each visitor can research, experiment and make the visitors themselves based on the theme of the exhibition. The museum aims to stimulate people and transfer knowledge.

Everyone Artist continues this study and examines the consequences of this thought in relation to the identity and function of the museum.