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Zalan Szakacs

Machine Learning is Fun!

Adam GeitgeyFollow Interested in computers and machine learning. Likes to write about it. May 5, 2014 Machine Learning is Fun! The world’s easiest introduction to Machine Learning Update: This article is part of a series. Check out the full series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Narrated Reality

Adventures in Narrated Reality New forms & interfaces for written language, enabled by machine intelligence Char-RNN training statistics By Ross Goodwin In May 2015, Stanford PhD student Andrej Karpathy wrote a blog post entitled The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks and released a code repository… Continue Reading →

Branding Artificial Intelligence Not uses AI for brands, but using brands for AI

by Sandeep Das Independent Brand Strategy Consultant Going by the amount of media mentions and appearances in trend reports, it seems that artificial intelligence is the next big thing for brands to embrace. Attempts in crystal ball gazing are leading to… Continue Reading →

M&C Saatchi Creates London’s First Artificial Intelligence Poster

M&C Saatchi has created the world’s first poster campaign created by artificial intelligence. The initiative has been placed on busy Oxford Street, and works by evolving new generations of unique adverts based on how people react to them. Artificially Intelligent… Continue Reading →

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In AI/Machine Learning 2017

Don’t fear smart computers—these companies are using AI to prevent disease, predict food shortages, and more. BY DANIEL TERDIMAN While artificial intelligence isn’t likely to come for your job anytime soon (no matter how many dystopian movies say otherwise), AI and… Continue Reading →

AI: What it means for brands

Artificial Intelligence: Coming to your favourite brand…


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