Branding experts share 10 trends that could shape the next five years.

Artificial Intelligence Will Build Brands

“There’s a great likelihood that by 2022 artificial intelligence will be able to create brand identities and experiences. This might involve inputting a combination of sector, characteristics, and values that you want to express and being presented with variety of options that can be fine-tuned manually. Also, with advancements in 3D rendering software, AI will most likely be able to imitate photography, illustration, and moving images in a variety of scenarios. Production and artwork will be automated. As a result, the standard of people’s creativity will be elevated with a much stronger emphasis on originality, imagination, and ingenuity–leaving AI to do the rest. Design education will be fiercely focused on ideas and creativity.–James Trump, creative director, Moving Brands San Francisco

 Experience Will Replace Identity

“As brand identity becomes more mutable and more and more companies come to life in a quickening cycle, the value of the unwavering ‘mark’ will diminish. As a result, corporations will rely more on the experiences that they deliver than on the identity that adorns their headquarters, website, or app. A seamless series of brand experiences will define the modern brand identity; this can be seen in hospitality where the customer’s experience outweighs the logo, as well as successful digital services that generate brand recognition through micro, consistent, repetitive UI and UX interactions, not from a formal brand identity per se.”–David Schwarz, partner, HUSH


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