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A Japanese ad agency invented an AI creative director — and ad execs preferred its ad to a human’s – Business Insider

LONDON — In 2015, ad agency McCann Japan’s creative planner Shun Matsuzaka set himself a task he called the “creative genome project”: he wanted to create the world’s first AI creative director, capable of directing a TV commercial. And last… Continue Reading →

Worlds Collide: Is Artificial Intelligence Molding The Future Of Design? – designmantic

Artificial Intelligence is not a nouveau concept but one that took root around 1956, although it has proudly landed some giant leaps in that period: beating the best human at the popular US gameshow Jeopardy, the best human at chess,… Continue Reading →

Dawnbot – a bot that creates ads without the interference from people.

Translated from Dutch (via google translate). Dawn Bureau shows that we need to get started with AI and at the same time become more creative Dawn Advertising Agency launches a chat bot that creates “unique” campaigns for your brand. Dawn… Continue Reading →

Branding Artificial Intelligence Not uses AI for brands, but using brands for AI

by Sandeep Das Independent Brand Strategy Consultant Going by the amount of media mentions and appearances in trend reports, it seems that artificial intelligence is the next big thing for brands to embrace. Attempts in crystal ball gazing are leading to… Continue Reading →

M&C Saatchi Creates London’s First Artificial Intelligence Poster

M&C Saatchi has created the world’s first poster campaign created by artificial intelligence. The initiative has been placed on busy Oxford Street, and works by evolving new generations of unique adverts based on how people react to them. Artificially Intelligent… Continue Reading →

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In AI/Machine Learning 2017

Don’t fear smart computers—these companies are using AI to prevent disease, predict food shortages, and more. BY DANIEL TERDIMAN While artificial intelligence isn’t likely to come for your job anytime soon (no matter how many dystopian movies say otherwise), AI and… Continue Reading →

AI: What it means for brands

Artificial Intelligence: Coming to your favourite brand…


The Artificially Intelligent, Body-Hacking Branding Of 2022 – Fastcodesign

Branding experts share 10 trends that could shape the next five years. Artificial Intelligence Will Build Brands “There’s a great likelihood that by 2022 artificial intelligence will be able to create brand identities and experiences. This might involve inputting a… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Responsive Logo Reacts To The Sound Of Your Voice – Fastcodesign

The Brazilian telecom giant Oi has been a client of Wolff Olins since 2001, when the global branding agency created its bright, shape-shifting “blobble” logo, one of the first examples of a flexible design system. Now, 15 years later, Wolff… Continue Reading →

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