Translated from Dutch (via google translate).

Dawn Bureau shows that we need to get started with AI and at the same time become more creative

Dawn Advertising Agency launches a chat bot that creates "unique" campaigns for your brand. Dawn wants to show that the creative sector does not escape digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).
Dawnbot Introduction

Who wants to make an advertisement must answer six questions from the chatbot. The bone asks for a number of multiple choice questions like: Are you going for a greener world or for more transparency? Are you doing everything together or just putting the individual into action? You answer the questions by clicking on emoji's. Then the bone automatically makes an advertising video for your brand.

Underlying message

David Snellenberg of Dawn tells us that this project has an underlying message. "It's a blow to the fact that commercials are increasingly looking the same," he says. "Therefore, our good intention for 2017 is to show even more guts, to raise the gap. Otherwise, we can leave our work as well as a bone. True creativity is still human work coupled with knowledge. '

Dawnbot Introductie from Dawn Amsterdam on Vimeo.